Nutritional Facts
Cheatwood Honey Nutritional Information

Cheatwood Honey Nutritional Information

Does Cheatwood’s guarantee that my product will arrive on time?

Cheatwood’s will make every effort to ship your product on the next business day but, once your product leaves our warehouse, delivery is dependent upon UPS. We have no control. Therefore Cheatwood’s cannot be responsible for delays or late deliveries. We will not accept returns nor offer refunds under these circumstances. If you have any doubts please call us during standard business hours (Mon. through Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST) at 1-800-281-1352. Leave a message if the line goes to voice mail.

When will my order ship?

We ship every Thursday and Friday. Orders received Friday to Wednesday will ship the following Thursday or Friday. Orders placed by midnight on Thursday usually (but not always) ship Friday. You will automatically receive an email from UPS with acknowledgement that your order has shipped.

How long will it take to arrive?

Below (scroll down) is a chart approximating your shipping times from our location in Sapulpa, OK. Use the chart to determine when your products will ship. Keep in mind that your product usually ships next business day. Shipments are ground via UPS and Cheatwood’s cannot be responsible for delays and late arrivals.

Day orderedDay usually shipped
Fri, Sat. or Sun.Thu.
If I order today, when will my product arrive?

Orders placed by midnight Wednesday usually ship next business (Thursday) and orders on Thursday ship Friday, as we are utilizing the UPS, we are unable to quote exact delivery times, but it’s typically 3-4 business days.