Cheatwood’s originated in Maud, OK, when Bud and Hazel Cheatwood began processing locally grown pure clover leaf pollinated honey. In the late 1970’s the Cheatwood’s brand went statewide through the efforts of Don “BEAR” Price who spent 9 years pioneering the brand in the state of Oklahoma. Later, the production facilities were moved to Holdenville, OK.

Cheatwood’s Honey was acquired by the Holman family in 1991 and production facilities are now based in Sapulpa, OK.

Today, Cheatwood’s Honey is still made with the finest 100% USDA Grade-A American clover honey. Our honey is pure and we never add anything. We also NEVER use foreign honey. Our uncompromising pursuit for the highest quality honey is the secret to Cheatwood’s light-colored, mild flavor and why our honey is the best compliment to many food and drink items.

Cheatwood’s Pure Raw Honey
There is a lot of speculation about what constitutes the best honey. Our honey is sourced from local and regional beehives (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Iowa). All of it comes from the same pollination process that includes florals such as clover, alfalfa, and wildflowers.

There is no heating or pasteurization process. It is 100% pure, raw honey. Nothing is ever added or removed. All of the natural enzymes remain intact and this means it will crystallize quicker than other processed honey. That’s the mark of a truly all-natural product. The only “step” we take is to strain our honey and make sure no bee “parts” remain in the product.

Organizations and Affiliations
Cheatwood’s is proud to be a member of the Made In Oklahoma Coalition –MIO Coalition.

By purchasing MIO products, Oklahomans are supporting their neighbors, generating income for the state, and enjoying everything from mouth-watering entrees to tasty desserts! – MIO Coalition website