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"Wonderful product! I purchased my first jar of Cheatwood's Pure Raw Honey (Pint Jar) at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago as I am following a "Healthful" diet. Amazing product. Just purchased my second jar. Thankfully, Wal-Mart is handling your product. Please keep it on the Wal-Mart shelves. I'll try to find your Sorghum, too. Thanks so much."


"We have been using your honey for a couple of years and really like it."


"I have been using raw honey for over a year and have not had a serious cold or sore throat since just minor ones that do not last."


"I can't comment on allergy issues with honey, but I sure do love your honey!! I will be in Tulsa for the holidays and plan to stock up to bring back to FL. It's the best honey I've found!."


"As long as Cheatwood's continues to represent the very best honey choice on the store shelf, I'll buy it no matter what you're impelled to charge."


"I love my Cheatwoods Honey!!! If lovin' Cheatwoods Honey is a sin... I ain't never gonna be rite!"


"Cheatwood's honey was a HUGE hit with our actors coming in from out of state. I didn't get ONE complaint of allergies or phlegm build-up and I believe that's largely due to the use of your honey."

Matthew with Lyric Theater of Oklahoma

Hi, I bought some of your honey in Oklahoma city 2 weeks ago and I can't remember where I bought it. Can you tell me who your retailers are? I tried another brand but nothing compares to yours!! Thank you,


I live in Midwest City, OK, and do most of my grocery shopping at Crest Market. I have been buying Cheatwood Honey there for years--at least 5.

When I went today, there was no Cheatwood Honey, and from what I could find out they will not carry it any more. This irritates me more than I can possibly tell you. It's the best honey I've ever used and I use it to sweeten almost everything. I also use it when baking cookies, cakes and pies--so you can understand my irritation????

My question--Is there any store within the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area that carries your product? I don't want to use another brand, so I will appreciate any and all help you can give me. Thank you,


Hello, I've been a faithful Cheatwood customer for years. It's my favorite honey. The two Wal-Mart stores where I shop, no longer carry it. Very sad. Are there any stores in the Broken Arrow area when I can purchase the honey?

Shelly in BA

I love your honey and recently bought a 42oz. jar at the Ponca City Wal-Mart. When I got it home, I noticed there were yellowish-white particles floating in the honey and many more settled on the bottom of the jar. Is this something I should be concerned about? I know honey will crystallize after a while, but these things are round and slightly fuzzy around the edges. I wasn't sure if it was some sort of bacteria or if it was just tiny bits of honeycomb. Please advise me on what I should do. Thank you.


Angela, We appreciate you informing us of your concerns. Let me settle your mind on the bacteria portion of the email. Bacteria will not grow on honey. Attached is a little article regarding that, little scientific I was informed this a long time ago, but I did a quick search to find my own answers about honey and bacteria. It's interesting. When the crystallization process begins they appear to be little snowflakes that continue to combine until it forms a solid. From your email it appears you have bought a jar in the early stages of that process. We have a route guy that delivers to the Ponca City Wal-Mart and we would be more than happy to switch you out the jar so we can examine for ourselves. In return for your time we would like to give you a free 12oz bear of Cheatwood's along with a different 42oz jar. If you are interested please send me a response with a contact number where our route guy can switch you out the jar. We appreciate you as a customer! Thanks,

Tim Holman

[Tim]Thank you for the quick response. I think you are right about the crystalization. The little particles do sort of look like snowflakes. I'm sure the honey is fine now that I know it is just crystalizing, but I appreciate you guys switching out the jar for me... I really appreciate all of your help.


I bought/buy your honey because of the glass container. I buy the larger size. I prefer honey made here in Oklahoma as it has the derivatives from Oklahoma. Your brand costs more but it comes in glass which is better suited healthwise. Health is priceless!

Oklahoma City

WE have been buying Cheatwood's honey for years thinking it was locally gathered. After reading the information on your website, however, it seems the honey is from various places and is only processed local? Which is it?


Brad, I have many customers that inquire about our honey. This question arises on many occasions. Our honey was gathered locally at one time, but with the increasing demand the local supply was insufficient. Due to the increasing demand we had two options, run completely out or seek out the top quality honey that would fulfill our highest standards. All of our honey is gathered in the central portion of the US. We do not use any foreign honey or additives. We appreciate you as a customer and hope you continue to support our local company. If you have any other questions or comments I would love to hear them. Thanks,

Tim Holman

[Tim] Thanks for your quick response. We just finished our last 5 gal bucket. How much will another bucket run us? Your honey is amazing! Thanks for your help!


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